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The BACKMove 
A unique file designed for well-being

Do you want to correct your posture, improve your positioning, push back your back pain, or live with an innovative backrest?

The BACKMove is for you.

A different approach to positioning 

Innovative ergonomic backrest that adapts to your morphology.
  • It is customizable in camber, flexibility, and curve (greater lateral feedback). 
  • Available in 3 Heights and 3 Widths in 3 or 4 supports (dimensions).
  • It is dynamic and allows you to stretch.
  • It is unique and patented worldwide.
  • Ergonomic, for Men and Women.
  • it is an exoskeleton or a back brace
  • Coverage of CPAM subject to a medical prescription written by a doctor.
  • Designed by a person with reduced mobility.
  • ...

Who better than a person in a wheelchair sitting down, all day, all day, to tell you if a file is good?

The BACKMove repels the pain associated with prolonged sitting, thanks to itsintegrated lumbar pad:

  1. which straightens the pelvis,

  2. prevents pinching of the intervertebral discs,

  3. releases the diaphragm and

  4. thus facilitates breathing and digestion then

  5. avoids cervical joint stops.

You find a more dignified and physiologically healthier posture. 
AddThe dynamic, unique to BACKMove, and give yourself the opportunity to stretch and feel better throughout the day. Try it is to adopt it...


Christopher The inventor of BACKMove

BACKMove - videos

Try the BACKMove Folder

Choose the options that suit you.


Your size

Your useful seat width

Your pool width

: T1, T2 or T3 (between 1m45 and 2m05, human height).

: L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5 (between 28 cm and 48 cm).

: S, M, L and XL (Useful seat width less 2 cm).



Number of supports 


Camber angle

Support color 

Cover Color

: Standard ou anatomical (curved bracket)

: 3Oractive or comfort (according to your needs or your pathology)

: ATB ou VS  flexible to rigid (Polyurethane joint) 

: 12° et 15°

: Black ou White

: Grey ou Red

The BACKMove for office chairs and wheelchairs:

Choose votre fasteners allow you to attach the BACKMove backrest to manual or electric wheelchairs with fixed or folding frames.

V2 Telescopic Attachment

01/19 - 01/23

For manual and electric wheelchairs, withssis fixed and pounding.

All wheelchair widths.

From :


To book

V2 Telescopic Attachment

01/19 - 01/23

Click to add your content or connect to your collection data.

From :


To book

V2 Telescopic Attachment

01/19 - 01/23

For manual and electric wheelchairs, with fixed frame.

All wheelchair widths.

From :


To book

Order your pre-equipped wheelchair, interested?

Particular :

We only distribute our files through our authorized "evoM" resellers. To find the list of the nearest retailer to you,  Click here.
If your usual reseller is not on this list, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can get in touch with him and set up a file for you as soon as possible.



Association/Disabled sports club:

If you are an association or a disabled sports club, do not hesitate to contact us so that you can benefit from preferential rates on a minimum number of files per order.

For more information, Contact us. 

Configure your chair: manual / electric

Dealer :

If you are a reseller, please connect toa dedicated space.
You will find all the information reserved for professionals and relating to our product (patient measurement sheet, loan sheet, retailer sheet, CGV, etc.).





If you are a prescriber, contact us for more technical and medical information on the product. 

"The best position is the one that moves"
"To try is to adopt it"
"The rolls rolls of files"
"Finally a device that adapts to our morphology"
"I feel so much better"

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