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live it better

Redefining comfort

live it better

The human body is the source of all our inspiration. Complex and wonderful, it still holds secrets and misunderstandings.

The evoM solution is above all to listen to your body. Education, our society, our financial system... nous  

Flexibility helps relieve back pain, in addition it reduces painful pressure on the muscle chain. The BACKMove, thanks to its breathable 3D cover, promotes skin breathing and provides additional comfort. 



It brings greater well-being.   This allows for better posture, and relieves back pain so that you can finally enjoy a better quality of life. 


But also ultimate comfort, during moments of relaxation or even during physical activity. 

Le comfort through customization



We all want to be in control of the image we send back. Your identity is our priority. EVOM wants to answer this problem. 


Our objective:Provide solutions to problems due to prolonged sitting and the resulting pain. 

The BackMove is the only folder that allows you to dress over it. 

This therefore means that the clothes no longer roll up.

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