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The best posture is the one that moves! 

Made with  a 3D fabric cover

The BACKMove reduces pressure points thanks to:

  • Its ergonomic design.

  • Its space dedicated to housing the spine.

  • Its unique breathable anti-decubitus foam. 

  • Its comfortable brushed fabric.



Reproduces a natural posture of the spine

The BACKMove gives a standing posture while sitting. It corrects your profile, straightens your pelvis, supports your lumbar lordosis and opens your shoulders. It allows to open your abdomen bringing a better oxygenation, breathing and digestion.


Custom designed

  • The BACKMove is available in 10 sizes

  • re-thermoformable to your measurements. 

  • Two curves: sstandard and anatomical (3 cm more) 

  • Choose between 3 or 4 supports

  • Three flexes from softest to stiffest.

  • 3 camber angles.

  • and 2 colors.

  The file: Black or White 

  Cover: Red or Gray


Gain confidence

The BACKMove provides for the location of an abdominal belt at the back of the backrest. The person thus maintained at their BACKMove gains autonomy in complete safety. 



See the man and no longer the handicap 

The BACKMove offers the possibility of dressing over the backrest, thus eliminating creases in clothing. Dressing becomes a pleasure.

  • Made with recyclable materials.

  • Discreet, light, sophisticated, design.

  • Provides an elegant presence.

  • Patented model



Push your limits

The BACKMove combines flexibility with natural posture and stretches your spine which reduces back pain associated with prolonged sitting. A unique feeling.



Removable and washable cover

The cover is machine washable at 40°.
You can change taste and color with ease. 


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