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They talk about it 

Physiotherapist Osteopath

Bastien Cousin, Mauguio


“In the end, the backrest invented by the company evoM makes it possible to limit the deleterious effects of the seated position on the spine on a daily basis, while respecting physiological curvatures... wheelchair patients will therefore have access to ergonomics and prevention concepts spine disorders. »

European Sales and Training Manager 

Julianna Arva, MS


"The Evom BACKMove shows an interesting concept. As a company specialized in active use manual wheelchairs we often cooperate with innovative manufacturers of accessories and seating products."

Spine surgeon, head of the rehabilitation department

Dr Paul Fayada, SSR of St Pol sur Ternoise.


"You just have to try this backrest (very easy to install), even as an able-bodied person, to understand its full importance and be convinced of its usefulness: not only does it allow better sitting, supports the spine , but it also facilitates, accompanies, improves, frees the gestures of the person led to consider their wheelchair as an essential tool in their relationship with the outside world.


If this is immediately noticeable after only a few minutes of testing, I have no doubt that anyone with mobility difficulties leading them to regular use of a wheelchair will very quickly find this essential innovation to move towards a better being. .


Its modular, light, dynamic character, adaptable to the conformation of each one, makes it predict a great future.

Anthony Gelis, Hélène Rouays Mabit


"The file developed by EVOM is a unique product of its kind on the French market, and which has no equivalent on the international level, to our knowledge. It makes it possible to correct a spinal posture which tends inexorably to collapse in tall paraplegics and quadriplegics, while ensuring postural stability and freedom of movement for the upper limbs.

Competition winner
É Entreprendre Network
2015 edition

"You brilliantly convinced all the voting members of our Commitment Committee..."

Center for the Evaluation of Medical Devices Handicap



“For several years, inventors or manufacturers have called on notre team to support the development or conduct clinical studies concerning_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf5 8d_technical aids.

We were contacted by the company EVOM, through its representative, Mr  Christopher Desvaux de Marigny to present their positioning fileBACKMoveat the start of development. Indeed, this project seems interesting to us, especially since it has   no equivalent on the French or European market, to our knowledge. »

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